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About Kfiaciarnia

Smile with flowers

The kFiaciarnia flowershops were created to be closer to you. kFiaciarnia brand was created so that more and more of us would be surrounded with beautiful flowers, so that the flower smile would come to our home, so that we would appreciate nature, its seasons.


In our flowershops you will find small and large compositions, vase flowers and large bouquets, seasonal arrangements, decorative items, scented candles and many inspirations.



We also serve institutions and prepare wedding decorations. We have full technical facilities, a professional team and many years of experience built on the basis of Prosta Forma Kwiaty. 



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kFiaciarnia Nieborowska

Nieborowska 10

80-010 Gdańsk

tel. 533 444 286

mon-sat: 9-20
sun: 10-17



Zaspa ETC

Galeria Zaspa

Rzeczypospolitej 33

80-463 Gdańsk

tel. 533 822 103

mon-sat: 9-21
sun: 11-20


Kfiaciarnia Suchanino

Noskowskiego 1

80-170 Gdańsk 

tel. 535 848 182

mon-sat: 9-20
sun: 10-17


Kfiaciarnia Krewetka

Podwale Grodzkie 8/9 

Citi Forum

80-895 Gdańsk 

tel. 533 266 837

mon-sat: 9-20
sun: 10-17

Twoje informacje zostały pomyślnie przesłane!

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